Justin Fienberg

Associate Energy Analyst

Justin Fienberg, Associate Energy Analyst, assists Brakey Energy’s Energy Analyst in analyzing clients’ energy usage and billing data to ensure accuracy and identify savings opportunities. He regularly monitors activity at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and state legislature to identify issues that may impact clients’ energy costs.

Justin holds a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University and has a background in industrial manufacturing, optical engineering, and marketing. Before joining Brakey Energy, he worked as an Applications Engineer in the machine vision industry, where he optimized defect detection capabilities on high-speed, high-volume production lines.

Justin is a former rugby player, an avid dog lover, and a karaoke enthusiast. He speaks conversational German after one year studying abroad in Munich, where he also interned at an international semiconductor manufacturing facility. Justin also has an extensive rock and gem collection from many rockhounding trips, and is an amateur mineral photographer.

Contact Justin:
Phone: (216) 751-1758, Ext. 702

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