About Brakey Energy

Your Outsourced Energy Manager: Helping You Save Energy and Money

Brakey Energy is an energy management consulting company with decades of experience in energy purchasing, efficiency, and regulation. Brakey Energy helps businesses throughout Ohio lower their electric and natural gas bills and increase their profits by taking action both inside and outside the walls of their companies.

Our team of analysts, engineers, and energy professionals provides industrial and commercial energy users in Ohio with an unparalleled advantage: A comprehensive understanding of how to purchase energy strategically and use energy efficiently.

Though we often help our clients find the best contracts for their electricity and natural gas requirements, we are not energy brokers and we do not charge a commission. (What’s the difference? Click here to find out.)

We are a full-service energy management partner, offering a wide array of energy consulting and business services:

  • Generation Shopping: Negotiating third-party electric generation contracts from a wide array of suppliers;
  • Natural Gas Procurement: Pursuing favorable natural gas pricing to decrease volatility and attain price stability;
  • Energy Audits: Conducting on-site facility audits to assess energy usage and recommend efficiency improvements and cost reductions;
  • Industrial Energy Users of Ohio: Representing our clients’ interests through our membership in a major energy user trade association that helps shape the energy regulatory landscape in Ohio;
  • Senate Bill 221/DSE2 Energy Efficiency Rider Avoidance: Showing organizations how to avoid expensive riders charged by utilities under new Ohio energy efficiency mandates under Ohio Senate Bill 221, such as the DSE2 rider from FirstEnergy;
  • Regulatory Monitoring and Reporting: Keeping clients informed of legislative and regulatory issues and developments at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) that could impact your business;
  • Demand Response: Helping clients evaluate the pros and cons of participating in demand response programs (shutting down processes during peak load times in return for compensation) and implementing their participation;
  • Project Management and Funding: Working with clients to pursue third-party funding for energy efficiency projects.
  • Capacity Cost Mitigation: Working with clients to identify the capacity obligation and estimate future capacity costs, then formulating strategies to control those costs.