How Brakey Energy Partners with Ohio Energy Users

How is Brakey Energy different from an energy broker?

Brakey Energy is an independent energy expert and the energy management partner to Ohio’s premier commercial and industrial businesses. Our services include not only contracting for electric generation and natural gas, but also providing strategic energy recommendations, conducting energy bill audits, and helping manage energy regulatory issues impacting your business. 

We represent our clients’ best interests, not the interests of utilities or suppliers. Our fees are always transparent and we never embed incremental hidden commissions. For those few clients that require a commission-based model, Brakey Energy Retail, a separate company, can transparently assist.

Conversely, energy brokers serving Ohio are financially motivated to lock you into a contract for as long as possible, not to serve your best interests. They are paid by the utility through hidden fees in your energy contracts that they embed on top of direct supplier pricing you would otherwise pay. You are stuck paying these incremental fees for the life of the contract even if the broker does not provide ongoing services.

Does Brakey Energy work with businesses outside Ohio?

We have built our energy management business around mastering the unique aspects of Ohio energy regulations and rates and we focus our services on clients’ facilities located within the state. However, we also provide narrower services to select client facilities outside of the state.

Why does my company need an energy management partner?

When Brakey Energy was founded in 1999, Ohio’s electric environment was wholly regulated. At that time, the best way to minimize Ohio electric costs was by having an in-depth understanding of Ohio electric rates. 

Since then, electric generation has been deregulated, which revolutionized the way energy users purchase electricity. In 2008, the state of Ohio passed Senate Bill 221, which added new and expensive electric bill surcharges on to customer bills. More recently, capacity and transmission costs have been increasing sharply across the state.

Ohio’s energy landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Staying on top of these changes is something few companies can do on their own. With so many dollars hanging in the balance, Brakey Energy will serve as your strategic Ohio energy management partner to keep you on top of these changes and ensure your bills are as low as possible.

Will Brakey Energy get me the best prices?

Brakey Energy does not embed commissions in the quotes we solicit. Our clients pay a monthly retainer that covers all services. The quotes Brakey Energy solicits from suppliers are direct pricing with no markups ensuring you pay the lowest possible price. Clients who prefer a commission-based model are served by Brakey Energy Retail, a separate business.

Can Brakey Energy procure energy from renewable sources?

Yes. We can source energy from renewable, green sources, such as solar and wind, when managing electric generation procurements for our clients. We can tailor sourcing to your business needs and goals in a very affordable fashion. Please contact us for more information about renewable energy sourcing.