Your Experienced Partner for Smart Ohio Energy Management

Energy Assessments & Electric Bill Audits

The foundation of an effective energy management plan is a thorough understanding of your unique energy needs. Brakey Energy’s team of Ohio energy experts will begin by assessing your current energy usage through a thorough review of your energy bills.

As a result of this assessment, Brakey Energy will:

  • Develop a comprehensive energy strategy to manage the market and regulatory risk surrounding your utility’s electric rates, by:
    • Identifying potential obstacles to generation shopping;
    • Evaluating products offered by retail suppliers;
    • Negotiating contract terms with suppliers to maximize savings and minimize future financial risk associated with generation shopping; and
    • Calculating potential savings of individual products and contract terms compared to costs of not shopping and defaulting to the utility’s standard rate.
  • Analyze your electric and natural gas bills, as necessary, and develop reports and recommendations for potential energy savings based on the results;
  • Identify potential savings associated with energy efficiency rider exemption and rebate programs, and file regulatory paperwork for these programs; and
  • Develop strategies to mitigate the impact of high capacity and transmission charges on monthly Ohio electric costs.

Ohio Industrial & Commercial Energy Contract Negotiation

There are wide discrepancies between products and contract terms of different Ohio Certified Retail Electric Service (CRES) suppliers and Ohio natural gas suppliers. Contracting for the wrong product and/or under disadvantageous terms could have dire financial and legal consequences.

Brakey Energy will shop your load with various suppliers to get you not only the best price, but also the right product and terms for your unique load profile and risk tolerance. To place you in the most beneficial contract, Brakey Energy will:

  • Solicit, negotiate, analyze, and secure electric generation and natural gas contracts from third partysuppliers;
  • Recommend suppliers and contract terms that will deliver optimum benefit to your organization; and
  • Manage contract negotiations between your organization and the selected supplier to ensure terms arecorrect and that the contract is signed and countersigned in a timely manner.

Representation in Ohio Energy Leadership Council and Before PUCO

The Ohio Energy Leadership Council (OELC) is a trade organization made up of large Ohio energy consumers that work together to address matters that affect the availability and price of utility services. OELC seeks to promote customer-driven policies that will assure an adequate, reliable, and efficient supply of energy for all consumers at competitive prices. In addition to general membership, OELC members have the option of participating in opt-in groups that target specific issues within the energy market.

Most Brakey Energy clients are members of the Brakey Energy Client Group, which is both a general and opt-in OELC member with full voting rights. Through the Brakey Energy Client Group, our clients receive:

  • Non-voting membership in OELC and its opt-in groups;
  • Representation by Brakey Energy at all OELC meetings and the opportunity to participate in meetings; and
  • Representation before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and the state legislature on select issues regarding energy availability, quality, and cost.

Continued Monitoring and Reporting

The energy market in Ohio is constantly changing. Brakey Energy will ensure that your organization stays abreast of all the changes in the Ohio energy market and energy regulations and how those changes affect your energy costs. Brakey Energy will:

  • Provide periodic newsletters and updates about developments impacting the current energy environmentand your contracts and facilities; and
  • Develop customized reports to highlight the threats, opportunities, and current costs for individualclients.