Why Clients Trust Brakey Energy

“Our management team at Elyria Foundry has always prided itself on tightly managing both the usage and contracted rates for electricity, achieving what we thought to be the absolute maximum cost control related to electricity. However, since partnering with Brakey Energy over the last 3 years, we have improved an additional 20%. Brakey Energy is truly a top-notch subject matter expert on all things related to electricity supply. They assessed our plant situation and through creativity, technical expertise, and market knowledge are helping us achieve the absolute best results in our industry.”

Robert Kukowski, Chief Executive Officer, Elyria Foundry & Hodge Foundry



“Brakey Energy has provided us unique and customized energy management solutions at our Ohio facilities that have produced significant cost decreases. These solutions include enrollment in two of our facilities in FirstEnergy’s and AEP’s respective transmission pilot programs; coincident peak management; exemption from energy efficiency and peak demand reduction mandates; and innovative power procurement strategies, such as defaulting to the Standard Service Offer during select months when we are not able to produce aggregates and asphalt and have very low power consumption. Brakey Energy has made some very bold promises on potential savings and each time they have delivered.”

– Ken Holland, President, the Olen Corporation



“Brakey Energy has become a valued partner to the Cleveland Cavaliers and its affiliated companies. Brakey has identified multiple ways to reduce our energy costs at Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland Clinic Courts, and the Higbee Building. The Cleveland Cavaliers have seen a direct and significant benefit to our bottom line since hiring Brakey Energy. Brakey Energy is a great addition to any organization’s team.”

– Matthew Miller, Vice President of Facility Operations Cavaliers Operating Company, LLC



“The team at Brakey Energy has been excellent to work with. They provided guidance and direction on how to lower our transmission and capacity costs for the coming year and alerted us about potential peak grid days. Brakey Energy also has represented our interests at the Ohio Energy Leadership Council, enabling us to participate in AEP’s Transmission Pilot Program. Through all these efforts, we will see an approximate 20% reduction in our annual electrical costs, totaling well into six figures. I look forward to our continued relationship and success in lowering energy costs!”

– Jeremiah A. Clegg, President, Casting Solutions, LLC



Brakey Energy has helped save us hundreds of thousands of dollars by negotiating favorable energy contracts and alerting us to programs we should enroll in or decline. They truly are our energy partner.”

– Todd Danielson, Chief Utilities Executive Avon Lake Regional Water



“Since we started working with Brakey Energy, we have seen some dramatic improvements in our electricity costs. Brakey has guided us through the changes in the market and helped us select a provider that reduced our costs dramatically. Brakey’s expertise helped us get the best deal. I would recommend Brakey Energy for any industrial energy customer.”

– Michael Brown, Vice President Operations Ashtabula Rubber Company



“Brakey Energy has provided valuable expertise and recommendations to the university in the areas of electricity rate management and electricity and natural gas commodity purchasing. They provide notification of potential peak capacity days/times on the ATSI and PJM grids as well as the potential budget impact of current and future riders and regulatory changes in the Ohio utility market. The value of Brakey’s services and the utility savings seen since we engaged them in 2015 is significant and greatly exceeds their fee.

– Carol P. Dietz, Associate Vice President of Facilities and Auxiliary Services, John Carroll University



Brakey Energy’s recommendations significantly reduced our total electricity charges. Brakey Energy helped us select the proper generation supplier and product, and with their Coincident Peak (CP) notification system, we were able to minimize consumption during all five Transmission and Capacity CPs with minimal effort.”

– Bill Petruzzi, Facilities Manager Ohio Star Forge Company



“We are very pleased with Brakey Energy’s services and they have earned our trust. Brakey Energy helped Falcon Foundry achieve very substantial electric bill savings by taking advantage of new FirstEnergy rate opportunities. Although we were skeptical at first, Brakey Energy has delivered what they promised.”

– Gary Slaven, President, Falcon Foundry



“We were looking for guidance on how to be smarter in a changing energy market environment. Brakey Energy has kept us informed about how upcoming changes might affect us and how we can mitigate any negative effects of those changes. We’ve also valued Brakey’s help with contract negotiations and advice on how to avoid DSE2 rider¹ surcharges. They’ve been very responsive to our needs.”

– Art Cernoia, Corporate Service Director American Greetings Corporation



Brakey Energy helps us navigate the electric deregulation environment. They simplify the complex landscape of rate selection, such as whether it’s better to choose a fixed or variable rate.


“At first, we were just interested in rate negotiations, but Brakey has added more value to our business by performing electric audits at our restaurants and guidance on energy efficient processes. This is even more valuable to us now as we face increasing rates with DSE2 riders. They are very timely and responsive.


“Selecting Brakey is a ‘no-brainer.’ They are your resource and advocate for controlling a large cost center and delivering quantified profit improvement.

– John Blickle, Owner/Operator of 26 McDonald’s Restaurants, Rubber City Arches LLC



“We chose Brakey Energy because we needed a single source solution to identify energy efficiency opportunities and understand energy contracts. Brakey’s knowledge of the DSE2 rider and annual updates filed with OELC and PUCO, as well as their and ROI on energy efficiency projects, has been very valuable. They are sincere and responsive. If you need assistance and guidance, for the cost, it’s well reasonable.”

– Jerry Carroll, NAFTA Engineering and Maintenance Manager, GoldKey Processing, Inc.