Energy Efficiency Rebates and Riders

Helping You Secure Rebates & Avoid Expensive Energy Efficiency Riders

Ohio Senate Bill 221 (SB 221) placed aggressive energy efficiency and peak demand reduction mandates on Ohio’s investor-owned distribution utilities. These utilities must reduce electric consumption and peak demand within their respective service territories by an ever-increasing percentage each year through efficiency measures. SB 221 was subsequently modified by Senate Bill 310 and House Bill 6.

To comply with the law, electric distribution utilities provide payments and rebates to end users that complete energy efficiency projects. They pay for these programs through surcharges on your electric bill.

Brakey Energy’s team of Ohio energy specialists can help you secure rebates associated with Ohio SB 221. We can also help you achieve exemption from the expensive electric bill surcharges.

These surcharges, or “riders,” can often be a significant expense for Ohio commercial and industrial energy users. Brakey Energy can help you determine if you are eligible to gain exemption from these expensive energy efficiency riders or help you capture payments and rebates.