Energy Contract Negotiation

Helping You Negotiate Strategic Ohio Energy Contracts

Understanding which energy supplier offers the most beneficial products and contract terms for your needs can be a complex process. 

There are many factors that can make a costly difference in what you end up paying for energy in Ohio. Contracting for the wrong product or accepting a contract with disadvantageous terms can have dire financial and legal consequences for your business.

Brakey Energy has expert-level knowledge of Ohio’s energy rates, regulations, and licensed suppliers. We can help you navigate the state’s complicated energy environment and find the right energy products at the right price. 

We are not brokers and we do not embed commissions on top of the direct pricing we solicit. We give you objective advice you can trust and low-priced quotes direct from the supplier. 

Our professional energy specialists are Ohio electric experts who will analyze your electric bills and electricity needs, then solicit, evaluate, and negotiate electric generation contracts from third party suppliers, such as Energy Harbor, Direct Energy, Constellation, Engie Resources, AEP Energy, and many others.

We will then recommend the suppliers and negotiate terms that will deliver optimum benefits to you. We have clients that are on all-in-fixed products, clients that are completely variable, clients that are on managed block-and-index products, and even clients that deliberately default to the utility’s Standard Service Offer (SSO). We believe that the right product for each client varies based on their unique situation. Regardless of the product selected, our experts can manage an Ohio commercial or industrial energy contract negotiation from beginning to end.

We also can procure energy from renewable, green sources such as solar and wind energy. This can range from the purchasing of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to project-specific power purchase agreements. Each client’s renewable sourcing needs are different and there is no shortage of options to address these needs.

Brakey Energy applies this same approach to natural gas. We can help you reduce volatility and ensure price stability through a managed natural gas buying program, completely fix your exposure to the gas market, or float on a variable basis and pay spot market prices.

Remember: Brakey Energy will never embed a hidden commission when we negotiate your contracts; the prices we solicit on your behalf will be direct supplier prices. All our services are billed under one monthly fee directly to you – not hidden in an incremental commission within a third-party supplier price quote. 

Clients who prefer a commission model are served by Brakey Energy Retail, a separate business.