Cindy Brakey


Ohio Energy Costs

Cindy Brakey works with the Brakey Energy team to prepare reports on electric bill analyses and regulatory issues affecting Ohio energy costs and quality. She also serves as the Chief Financial Officer.

Cindy joined Brakey Energy in 2005 after a two-decade career as a pension actuary. As an actuary, she was responsible for highly complex benefits calculations for some of the country’s biggest companies.

Cindy holds an M.A. in actuarial mathematics from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Maine.

Cindy lives in New Gloucester, Maine with her husband. She enjoys knitting, reading, kayaking, and volunteering in a local school. She also loves to travel to visit her family.

Contact Cindy:
Phone: (216) 751-1758, Ext. 701

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